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By default, you will receive alerts if RSI is either below 30 or above 70. In future, we plan to introduce custom margins for PRO users but in general 70/30 is good enough for majority of investors.

RSI is calculated based on a certain amount of previous periods. In our case – days. By default, 14 days are needed to calculate today’s RSI of a given stock, but I prefer 23. It proved to be slightly more accurate, if you want.

Currently all major US stock exchanges are supported by RSI Alerts. What this means is that if a stock (or an ADR) can be traded in US at all – it’s RSI can be tracked with

Initially I built this app for myself. Being a long-term investor with a slightly above-average level of speculation in my strategy I found it useful to track RSI in order to maximize profits. Instead of buying and holding a stock forever you can utilize RSI tracking and take some profits when it’s overbought (RSI above 70) or increase position when it’s oversold (RSI below 30). Of course, there are other factors to consider but when all other things are equal RSI can be a great indicator.

It is calculated every day. But there is a but. Because we only take daily closing prices for each given stock, every single day you can only see RSI from the previous 23 days. That is, Monday’s RSI will only be calculated on Tuesday. On practice it doesn’t really matter if you are an investor or a swing trader, but won’t work if you are a daytrader.

No, we only work with stock market.

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